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Going to the Toilet While Camping

It may be a challenge to relieve you while camping because most of us are not used to do this outdoors. During a camping trip, you need to be prepared for bathroom needs. Here are some guidelines in this regard:

  • Your first preference should be to camp near a restroom or outhouse. You need to set up your camp near a bathroom facility within walking distance. This is necessary if you become upset on thinking about going to bathroom in woods.
  • If you are camping in wilds and you do not want to relieve yourself in woods, you should carry a moveable camping toilet. In wilderness, there are no bathroom facilities so you need to be organized ahead. Your portable camping toilet may use chemicals or disposable waste bags for dealing with waste. You will also require finding a suitable place to clean your camping toilet. If you are unable to find such a place, dig a hole in ground and empty your waste in it. Make sure that your toilet does not contain plastic or chemicals.
  • If you are hiking and there are no transportable bathrooms and restrooms available, you need to go in woods. Bring a small spade, toilet paper and plastic bags with you. If you only need to urinate, just conceal yourself behind a bush or tree or bend against a rock to relieve yourself. But if you want to defecate, you will have to dig a hole and conceal your waste afterwards. It should not be tracked through by other campers.
  • Do not eliminate near water or trails and always make sure to bring your toilet papers with you. Instead of toilet papers, you can also use leaves but for this, you must know types of plants. A poisonous plant like ivy may cause severe harm. A rash in your rear regions is not a pleasant thing while camping.
  • It is also necessary to clean your hands when you are done. For this, bring a hand sanitizer, bottled water and soap with you.
  • Make sure to dispose off your waste papers in appropriate trash cans as soon as possible.


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