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Tips to Treat Burns in Wilderness

Burns are one of the most painful injuries and needs immediate treatment. What if you get a burn in wilderness? Here are some tips which can help you treating a burn when you are camping in wilderness:

  • First of all, you need to remove the source of burn. If you get injury by a wet chemical burn, rinse the area with water for twenty minutes. In case of dry chemical burns, brush off the chemical immediately. If source of burn is fire or flame, stop, drop and roll until fire dies completely.
  • Remove clothing and jewelry immediately as these things may retain heat and cause more burns. You can also wet your clothes which you are wearing. Wet clothes will help escaping heat.
  • Wet the burnt part of body with cool water. Burning may continue even after source of burning has been removed so make sure to wet the area with cold water. Water should run on the affected area for a couple of minutes. You can also treat the burn with a cloth dipped in cold water.  Do not leave damp cloth on burn for longer time.
  • Now you will have to check degree of burn. To check it, you need to attend first aid classes as they teach you hoe to check degree of burn. If burn is deep, it is somewhat difficult to treat it yourself. But if burn is only on surface, you can treat it yourself.
  • It is always necessary to sanitize the burnt area because burnt area may be source of infection. Infections are more common in wilderness because there are many sources of bacteria.
  • Regularly wash the burn with lukewarm sanitized soap and water. After washing, make sure to dry the area by patting it with cloth. No debris should left on the burn.
  • Use a cotton bud to apply antibiotic cream on burn. Do not apply a thick layer as a thick layer of ointment will trap the burn and not help healing the burn.
  • Cover burn with a gauze bandage. There is no need to seal it tightly because burns also need air to heal. Change the bandage twice a day with sanitized hands to avoid infection.
  • Burnt part of your body should be kept elevated. Raise burnt area higher than heart level. It will keep blood from flowing towards the burnt area.
  • These are some tips to treat minor burns in wilderness. If you get deep burns or pain continues, leave campsite and seek medical treatment.


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