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Choosing Proper Camping Lights

Purpose of camping is to enjoy nature and its elements, but you still need some things to make a camping trip easy and enjoyable. Light bulbs are also among those things which are essential for a camping trip. Camping lights have different shapes and sizes and they also have different types. Most commonly used camping lights include LED flashlights, lanterns and headlamps. You need to choose the right camping light for you. Here we will discuss different types of camping lights along with their uses and features.


Headlamps are quite beneficial for those campers who use their hands a lot or who do not like to hold a light constantly. Headlamps also prove helpful when you are camping alone. You may face a situation in which you may need to use both hands and light as well. In such situations, you can easily use a headlamp. LED type headlamps are excellent as they put out a good amount of light and have a good battery life as well. When selecting a headlamp, make sure it has light weight, long life and puts out sufficient amount of light. Some headlamps also let you select high and low beams.


LED flashlights are a recent invention in camping lights family. They are much more efficient than older incandescent bulbs but their quality is affected by number of LED’s used in light and quality of LED’s. These factors consequently affect battery life of LED flashlights.


Lanterns are true camp lights and are very good for eating, playing and reading in camps. You can set lanterns anywhere and they throw enough amount of light. Lanterns have three types which include electric lanterns, gas lanterns and candle lanterns:

  • Electric lanterns are safest and most used camping lights. They consume more battery than LED lanterns. LED lanterns are more eco-friendly as well.
  • Gas lanterns are the brightest camping lights. Liquid or pressured fuel is required to light them.
  • Candle lanterns are not popular as they are dull but they can be used for a few camping trips.

 Most of the people go for more than one camping lights as different lights serve different purposes. Therefore selection of camping lights depends on your needs and specific activities.



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