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Camping Alone in the Wilderness

Camping with family and friends is a great activity and loved by most campers. But some campers enjoy living alone in wilderness. Living alone in wilderness not only needs courage but also proper planning and preparation. Here are some tips which can help you making this experience good and meaningful:

  • Your first need in wilderness would be an adequate shelter. This place should be dry and warm especially at night and when weather is intemperate. You need to have a good waterproof tent even if you find a cave or abandoned cottage to live in. Having a tent gives you independence and sense of safety.
  • You also need to bring rain gear with you such as waterproof coat, pants and long shoes. You may need these even if you are camping in a desert or summer climate. When packing clothes, there is no need to have variety. You should only make sure that you have one of whatever you may need while camping.
  • Bring no less than two different kinds of fire resources with you as you are not sure whether you will be able to build fire in wilderness. In addition, you should also take water-resistant matches and fire kit with you. Fire in wilderness does not only help you cooking food and heating water but also makes your life secure and friendly.
  • You always like to stay warm while sleeping so bring a cold weather sleeping bag and sleeping pad. Cold weather sleeping equipment may not prove useful if you are camping in hot weather but it is always best to be conventional and warm regardless of weather outside.
  • You should not stay hungry and thirsty in wilderness especially when you are alone. You should drink at least two bottles of water a day. Try to place your camp near water supply so you may not have to go far-off to bring water for drinking and cooking food. Before drinking water, purify it with purification tablets or simply boil it.
  • Hydrated food is best to be brought to camps as it only needs hot water to be added to it. As food supply may eventually come to an end, you should also have fishing gear with you. It is also better that you should have some know-how of the edible plants in your locale.
  • Make a plan for emergency situations. You should inform at least one of your friends where you are going to camp. Have a plan of action in place to use in case you require help. This may include flares which you can use to alert someone.  Also have compass, rope, knife, first aid kit, a fire source and a survival guide with you at all times.
  • Have a survival guide and edible plant guide with you when you camp in wilderness alone. Survival guides often inform you about good first aid techniques.


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