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Tips to Stay Warm in Sleeping Bag

Nothing more is annoying than a cold and sleepless night on a camping trip. Sleeping through a chilly night is not a fun so campers need to know how to stay warm in their sleeping bags. Here are some tips which can help campers to stay warm through cold nights:

  • Before you get into your sleeping bag for sleeping, fluff it so that it expands properly. This is necessary to do because sleeping bags become compressed in sacks.
  • Also try to increase blood circulation and heat in your body before getting into sleeping bag. You can do so by jumping or running for sometime. After doing some exercise, get into your sleeping bag. The heat produced by exercise will be caught by sleeping bag’s insulation. It is always better to get into your bag warm rather than cold.
  • Wear thick socks to keep your feet warm. To stay even warmer, wear gloves on hands and wool or synthetic cap on head. If your sleeping bag is old, you should also wear clothes in layers to produce extra heat.
  • Placing sleeping pad underneath the bag is also a good idea. The pad will actually insulate body from cold ground. You are also recommended placing a tarp under the pad if it is inflatable. Tarp will protect pad from being pierced from sharp rocks and sticks on ground.
  • You can also bring an external heat source in sleeping bag. It is very easy to do this. Boil water in a container and then pour it into a plastic water bottle. Keep this plastic water bottle in your sleeping bag. It will stay warm for several hours thus keeping you warm and comfortable in your sleeping bag. You can also use this water to drink in morning instead of drinking cold and freezing water.
  • If extra space is left in sleeping bag, fill it with a sweater or fleece jacket to keep warm.
  • Go to bathroom if it is needed badly because heat in body will be drawn through urine or waste.
  • Keep doing exercise in sleeping bag to generate heat.
  • Before going to sleep, eat something to keep your body warm. Also drink water to maintain hydration.

These are some really great tips to stay warm on a cold night. Follow these and enjoy a comfortable sleep even in chilly nights.



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