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Foods to Bring on a Camping Trip

Are you going to shop and pack food for your camping trip? If you are a beginner then you need a guideline regarding foods that you must bring to trip. You must also have made your own list of food. If yes then also add following items in your list.

Powdered Milk

Powdered milk has endless uses so you must bring it with you on camping trip. Regular milk can spoil easily so powdered milk can prove to be a great substitute. You can use powdered milk for preparing coffee, cereal, oatmeal and hot chocolate. Powdered milk can also be used in hot drinks as powdered creamer. For this purpose, choose those products which are made with cream and are of good quality. Canned powdered milk is also a good choice as it can be recomposed by adding equal amount of water. It really tastes yummy!!!!

Dried Fruits

You can choose any kind of dry fruit you like as choice are many like apricots, apples, bananas, cherries and mangoes. Dried fruits do not spoil and are delicious snacks. Moreover, dried fruits also contain notorious fibers which are good for health. If you are diet conscious, you can also buy low sugar dried fruits.

Prepared Sausages

These sausages are available in different flavors and are made of different kinds of meat. Even vegetarian sausages are also available. As they are prepared, little time is required for their cooking.

Protein Bars/Sticks

Protein bars are also available in different flavors and varieties. They give you instant energy on hiking trips when your stomach is rumbling and food containers are far behind. At such times, nothing tastes better than these protein bars.

Ready-to-use Pesto Sauce

Pesto sauce can be used with different meals. You can toss it with pasta, rice or tomatoes or mix up it with eggs. It can also be used as a sandwich spread. Pesto sauce proves quite handy in woods but it is perishable.

Drink Mixes

Instead of filling your cooler with bulky soda and juice cans, bring drink mixes in as many flavors as you want. Leftover amount of these drinks can be saved and used later as they have a long life.

Cheese Sticks

Cheese sticks are a quick snack and are loved by kids and grownups equally. They are a source of protein. They are not as perishable as regular cheese blocks but they need to be placed in a cooler to have their best taste and prevent spoiling.


If you are camping with kids, you must bring marshmallows with you. They are not technically a food but most people cannot imagine a camping trip without them.

Oil and Butter

These two things are often ignored but they are really needed on a camping trip. They have various uses like you can use them in cooking and salads. They can serve as bread spreads too.



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