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Tips for Pitching Tent in Snow

Pitching a tent in snow is a challenge for campers. They have to consider a lot of factors when pitching a tent in snow. If you are a new camper and want to go on winter camping trip, you must know some tips to pitch tent. Here are some basic tips in this regard:

  • Most of people think that trees are the best place to pitch a tent as trees will protect tent from snow. In fact, trees gather plenty of snow in their branches which can become snow balls and can crash your tent if wind disturbs the snow perched on branches. Also take care not to pitch tent near slopes. Slopes are usually home to landslides which should be avoided.
  • Use your snow shoes to stamp on the ground which surrounds your tent site. Try to look for sites that have solid and firm ground. If your feet sink into snow, that site is not a good area for pitching tent. But if all the surrounding area is covered with snow and you do not have any other choice, stomp down the snow and flatten it with feet. This process is called tamping and it makes the ground stable for pitching a tent. If you will not tamp, your tent will slowly sink into layers of snow.
  • To create hard surface on snow, you can also water the ground. After compressing the ground, put some snow in a pot and put it on your camp stove. Allow the snow to melt and once water starts boiling, pour it on area where there is soft snow. Hot water will initially melt the snow and then make it flatter. With the passage of time, water will freeze again due to cold and result into a solid sheet of snow where you can pitch your tent safely. Make sure that you have given at least 30 minutes to water to turn into solid again.
  • After ground is all set for pitching tent, take snow stakes and use them to pitch a winter tent. Make sure that you have a four-season tent (winter tent) because other types of tents will not be able to protect you from strong winds. Winter tents are especially designed for bearing the weight of snow.

Camping in a snowy weather is only possible if you know how to pitch tent in snow. Following above given steps, you can easily pitch and secure your tent in snow.



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