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Tips to Avoid Snakebites on Camps

On camps, you may have to face dangerous creatures of nature. Snakes are among one of the scariest animals which one has to deal with. But it is important to understand that snakes generally do not bother anyone and bite only if they feel danger. If you are still afraid of snakes and this fear is keeping you from enjoying camping trip, there are some tips you can follow to avoid snakebites:

  • While planning for a camping trip, it is better to research the area where you are going for camping. Try to know what snakes are native to that area and learn about each one of them. You will get a mental power to overcome your fear when you will know about snakes, their habits and appearance. When you will know whether snakes in that area are aggressive or poisonous, you will get idea to protect yourself and you will be able to avoid snakebites while camping.
  • Snakes stay out of those areas which are populated, have short and less grass and are open to public, but exceptions are always there. Snakes love to live in areas where there are more weeds and high bushes so these areas are good hiding places for snakes. When you are camping in areas where snakes can be found, you need to keep your ears on alert. If there is a rattlesnake close to you, it will warn you by rattling its tail. If you need to in areas which are not paved, dress up appropriately. To avoid snakebite, wear pants and long socks along with hiking boots. Such clothing will protect you from snakebite in case you step on a snake by mistake.
  • When on a camping trip, do not put your hands into holes. Never stick your hands around trees, rocks and piles either. Snakes may be present in such places. Snakes also hide in log piles and under brushes. So if you need to collect kindle or firewood, use a flashlight to check the area first. You can also make noise by stomping your feet. This noise may alert the snake that somebody is near and snake may go from there. If you see a snake, respect its area and walk away from it.
  • You should also keep snakes from entering your camping tent. To do this, keep the tent zipped and closed all the time. Moreover shake out blankets, pillows, shoes and bags and other things that have been on ground before using.

Camping is all about having fun so do not let fear of snakes spoiling your trip. If you will do necessary research about campsite, you will take all important steps to avoid snakebites.



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