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Tips to Keep Animals Away from Campsite

Camping is an exciting way of getting away from boring and monotonous daily routines. It provides a great chance to spend time in outdoor and enjoy beauty of nature. Camping is indeed a great fun but you should also be able to deal with other creatures of nature that may come in your way while camping. Yes, I am talking about animals. On a camping trip, your first and foremost duty is to keep you and your family safe from animals. You will have to take some necessary steps to keep animals away from your campsite. Here are some few tips:

  • Most of the campers are afraid of bears that trespass into their campsites but bears do not get dangerous unless they are threatened. There are a lot of other animals that can crawl into your tents or campsite and make you annoyed. These animals usually include raccoons, mice and squirrels. To prevent such animals from infesting your campsite, keep all foods inside coolers or a container having lock on its lid. For more safety, you can also tie a rope around container or cooler. Hang cooler seven feet above from ground.
  • After having meals, take care that leftover food is not left exposed. Animals can get smell of this food and can come into your campsite. Place leftover food back in cooler and then hang it again. If you are not going to eat that food again, it is better to burn leftover food completely so that it does not attract animals.
  • Always eat outside your tent and do not store food inside tent. Edibles like candies and peppermint should never be stored inside tent as they can attract animals. Do not place toothpaste separately. Instead place it along with food. It sounds strange but in fact, animals especially bears are quickly attracted towards smell of peppermint.
  • Before and after using pots, dishes and pans, wash them thoroughly. Mice usually sneak into campsite in search for something to eat. They are greatly attracted to dirty utensils having leftover food particles. They may move around in utensils licking the leftover food. In this way, they can leave several germs in your utensils. More dangerously, they can also leave feces in pots which are toxic and contain bacteria which can make you ill. So cleaning up utensils and campsite is very important because mice like mess and filth as well as remnants of food.
  • Another very interesting tip to keep animals away from campsite is to use aromatic fabric softener. It is quite strange but it is true that fragrance of fabric softener keeps animals away as they do not like it. So bring those sheets and pillows to camp that have been soaked in fabric softeners. Fabric softeners act as animal repellent so you can also use them on your sleeping bags and tent. The strong fragrance of softener will also cover up smell of food and thus keep animals away from campsite.

To avoid any unpleasant situation created by animals’ attacks, you are needed to follow above mentioned tips.



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