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Camping in Rain: Tips and Tricks

Camping in rain sounds terrible and it becomes even more difficult if you do not have proper camping gear and know-how. Here are some important tips for camping in rain. These tips will help you survive during rainy camping trips:

  • Avoid camping in rain. It means that if there is a forecast of bad weather and heavy rain, then avoid going on a camping trip and wait until the weather becomes pleasant and suitable for camping.
  • During rainy camping trips, tarps are proved to be your best friends. Always bring tarps with you on camping trips as it can be used as a roof in rain. Packing extra tarps can also help you making a wall outside a tent to prevent horizontal rain.
  • Take more and more plastic bags with you if you are expecting rain on campsite. The wonderful thing about plastic bags is that they keep the things dry. Ziploc bags can be used to protect smaller but important items like camera, money, passport, licenses and matches.
  • The most important thing in a rainy camp trip is to keep you dried. You must have all rain gear with you on a camping trip like rain boots, rain coat, back-up rain coat, extra pair of socks, lots of clothing and an umbrella of course.
  • Spray the seams of your camping tent with a waterproof tent sealant once in a year. This will prevent leakage during rain.
  • If you are expecting rain during your camping trip, bring a lot of games. They are best to pass time because you never know how long you will have to stay in your tent. So it is always nice to have something to do.
  • Take newspapers with you and try to keep them dry. Newspapers will help you a lot if it rains during camping. They will provide you some reading to pass rainy time as well as they can also be used as fire starters if forest is waterlogged.
  • Bring some food which does not need to be cooked. This will help you in case you can not use BBQ stove or make a fire in rain.
  • Do not set up your camp on a steep or rocky inclines because wet rocks become slippery and loose. So it might be quite risky to set up a camp on slippery rocks.
  • If rain comes with heavy storm and strong wind then do not seek shelter under trees as their branches may damage you causing a serious injury.
  • If you are camping in rain along with kids then you will also have to keep their morale high. Tell them different stories to divert their attention from horrible sounds of storm and rain.


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