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Tips and Tricks for Safe Camping

Camping expeditions are mostly planned when warm weather rolls around. It is the time when campers plan to depart for living in wilderness. But before starting your excursion, you must be aware of a number of tips and tricks to make your tour a wonderful and enjoyable experience. Here some tips and tricks are given for your knowledge and convenience:

  • Before heading to campsite, practice pitching your tent. Doing this is really necessary if you are a beginner. It is of great value to pitch a tent quickly and effectively.
  • Look for a natural bed of spongy and smooth soil when looking for a place to set up. Avoid setting up in bottom of hills and valleys.
  • To avoid potential damage and water-logging, set up a tarp below your tent.
  • If you have planned to camp on high altitudes then drink plenty of water to prevent yourself from dehydration and high altitude sickness. High altitudes sicknesses are really bad and can ruin your expedition. These sicknesses can cause headache, muscle cramp, nausea and even frostbite and hypothermia.
  • Food which you take out with you often comes in plastic bags and packaging. Discard this packaging before packing food items. Instead of plastic packaging, use clear bags which can be tied in a knot. To know what is inside each bag, mark plastic bags with permanent marker. Using clear plastic bags will give you benefit in two ways. Firstly, they will cut down litter and trash accumulation and secondly, these bags can be used again for storing other items.
  • Building campfire becomes necessary in cold weather. But you need to be very careful while building campfire. Campfire should always be built at a safe distance from trees and root systems. Trees and roots can catch fire and can lead to serious accidents.
  • Before going to sleep, you must make sure that you have quenched the fire. You can check it with your fingers. When you are sure that you can sift your fingers through ashes of fire, it means that it has been put out.
  • If you have a problem with dirty pots and you don’t have a scrubber, use pine cone or sand to scrub your dishes. This is one of the easiest methods to have clean dishes during camping adventure.
  • If you have to spend night in an area with extremely cold weather and your sleeping bag is not enough to warm you up then zip bags of your mates together and cuddle up close. This method is the best to survive in a chilly night.
  • To control your body temperature, dress in layers.
  • Learn to use a GPS or a map. You can get lost in woods of similar looking trees even if you are familiar with that wooded area well.

These were some basic tips which every camper needs to know before setting out for an adventure trip.



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