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First Aid Kit Checklist for Camping

First aid kit for camping can be easily made at home. But you should know which items to be included. Here I have made a list of those items which you should include in camping first aid kit. Also attend some first aid course so that you can use first aid kit properly when required.

Adhesive Bandages

Include adhesive bandages of various sizes and shapes in your first aid kit. They are proved very useful to treat small cuts and scrapes. You can also add a small amount of antibacterial cream on bandage before applying it on wound.

Antiseptic Creams/Lotions

These are used for treatment of cuts, scrapes and burns as they prevent them from getting infected.

Iodine Wipes

These are used to clean wounds as well as they also disinfect area around wounds. They clean skin properly and as a result, bandages and tapes stick to skin easily.

Butterfly Bandages

They prove useful if you unfortunately get deep wounds which require stitches. Butterfly bandages hold he wound together until a medical assistance reaches you.

Sterile Gauze Pads

Keep several sizes of sterile gauze pads in your first aid kit. They are also use to clean wounds or they can also be used to cover bigger wounds.

Medical Tape

Don’t forget to keep a medical tape in your first aid kit as it is the most essential item. They can be used to hold gauze pads and bandages in place in case you get large and deep wounds. On the other hand, medical tapes are also useful for covering swellings and eruptions. Even in worst cases of having a broken bone or sprain, you can use medical tape for having instant relief.

Pain Killers

These are quite obvious and everyone knows about them. But they are equally important and you cannot afford to miss them. To have immediate relief from pains and inflammation, keep Aspirin, Ibuprofen and other similar pain killers in first aid kit.


They will be used to cut bandages or medical tapes. Make sure they are sterilized.

Latex Gloves

You will require them while dressing wounds. They will prevent your germs from infecting wound as well as they will prevent your hands from getting germs and other nasty things.

Elastic Bandages

Elastic bandages are mostly used in severe cases. They are used:

  • To hold ice bags on a place to reduce swelling
  • To support sprains
  • To make support for severe sprains and breaks
  • To make slings for hurt shoulders and broken collar bones

Key Light

What will you do if you need to treat a wound in night? Definitely you will need sufficient light. So bring a key light with you to apply first aid in night. Flashlights can also be used but key lights are preferred because they are smaller and easily fit in first aid kit or backpack.


You will also have to bring prescribed or non-prescribed medicines which you often need.

Other Useful Items

There are some other things which seem less important but are very useful. These include:

  • Safety Pins: Used to hold slings and bandages.
  • Moleskin: Used for treatment and prevention of blisters.
  • Duct Tape:  It can be used in place of medical tape. It also has several other uses.
  • Lip Balm: It will prove very useful if you often suffer from chapped lips.
  • Petroleum Jelly: It is used if you suffer from severe abrasion. It is also used in place of lip balm.
  • Triangular Cloth: Used for making slings and supports for shoulder injuries. It holds bandage in place. You can use old piece of a bed sheet as a triangular cloth.
  • Tweezers: It is used to remove splinters, ticks and other useless particles from wound.
  • Miscellaneous Lotions: These include burn lotion, anti-itch creams, Aloe-Vera gel and anti-fungal cream etc.
  • Eye Drops: To treat eye infections
  • Snake Bite Kit: To treat snake bites
  • Bee Sting Kit: To treat bee sting wounds


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