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Sleeping Outside While Camping

Camping is all about enjoying nature. The best way to commune with nature is to sleep outside the tent under stars and enjoy fresh air. It will be a wonderful experience to wake up with sunshine and sleep in calming and soothing moonlight. If you also wish to enjoy these natural scenes and want to sleep outside while camping, you should follow some simple guidelines to make it a unique experience:

  • If you want to sleep outside comfortably, make sure to bring necessary bedding. You will need a comfortable sleeping bag to sleep outside tent. Sleeping bag should be well padded so that it can keep you insulated. Also bring a pillow and extra blanket to sleep with ease and comfort. If your campsite has rough ground, you will also need an inflatable mattress. You will also need it if you have back problem.
  • Choose a stable and safe area for positioning your beddings. Your sleeping area should be clear and away from animals. Also make sure that sleeping area is not a path. If you want to have a campfire, then choose sleeping area accordingly. Before setting your bed and mattress, check the ground carefully. You will not want to sleep on a ground which has too many rocks and pebbles.
  • Wear proper clothing if you want to spend night outside. Wear clothes in different layers while sleeping outside. In this way, you can peel off layers if you feel hot. You can also add an extra layer of sweater or jacket if it is too cold. Also wear socks when sleeping outdoors as they will keep your feet warm. To contain more body heat, you can also wear knitted cap.
  • When sleeping outdoors, you will also need to protect yourself from insects and bugs. For this, spray sufficient amount of insect repellent on your sleeping bag and clothing. If you dislike the smell of insect repellent, then spray it a few minutes before going to sleep.
  • You should go to sleep early while sleeping outdoors. Try to sleep soon after sunset and avoid staying up late. One more tip!! Avoid reading ghost stories before going to bed as it will have an impact on your imagination and you may get frightened while sleeping.
  • Some people have a habit of listening radio before going to sleep. But while sleeping outdoors, enjoy the natural silence. You may hear sounds of owls, crickets and other animals but this is a part of nature and you should enjoy it.


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