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Starting Campfire with Candle Wax

If you have been soaking in heavy rain during camping, your first need is to start a campfire. At that time, you may need a fire starter to start fire. Fire starters are expensive and you cannot always bring them on camps. Candles are less costly and can be easily brought to camps. You can start a fire using wax of these candles.  Here is a method to start campfire using candle wax:

  • First you need to scoop out damp ash from your metal stove or some previous campfire. Now gather all necessary materials. Get some sheets of dry newspaper, chunk of candle wax, dry twigs and lighter or match box.
  • Your next step is to break up candle wax into smaller bits. If you are shivering and badly need to start a campfire immediately, don’t waste time in breaking the wax. Instead, stick the wax into middle of newspaper.
  • Make a large ball of newspaper by crumpling it. Now set that ball in the driest spot of campfire or stove.
  • Put kindling, dry twigs, broken pencils and sticks on top of newspaper ball. Make sure to place all sticks and kindling in a cross-hatch pattern. In order to make a cross-hatch pattern, lay pieces of kindling in a horizontal manner and lay some other pieces in vertically. Keep setting the layers alternately. This pattern will ensure that sufficient oxygen will get into your fire and keep it burning.
  • After setting kindling, light newspaper ball at its side. Try to light it as it may take a few more attempts to catch fire. To keep the fire going, blow on it with a pipe. If you do not have a pipe, make a cup of your hands around mouth and start blowing.
  • When you are sure that kindling has started burning steadily, add more wood or fuel.


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