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Tips to Start a Campfire in Rain

Campfire not only provides warmth but also helps in cooking food at camps. Starting a campfire in normal circumstances is not difficult. But if it is raining it becomes difficult and frustrating to start a campfire. Here are some tips that will help you starting campfire even in rain:

  • If it is raining, do not wait until rain has stopped. Start gathering materials for starting campfire. If you have already gathered some firewood or kindling, cover it with tarp or a waterproof sheet. What will you do if you do not have a tarp? In that case, pile the firewood in a way that only top layer of it gets wet.
  • Look for small branches under trees and bushes. For tinder and kindling, gather fallen branches and inner bark of trees. Place all gathered branches under tarp. To check those small branches and twigs, use crispy test. If they crack easily, they can be used as fire starters.
  • In order to get materials for using as fuel, gather larger branches and logs that may have fallen off trees. If you fail to find fallen branches and logs, you will have to cut them yourself. Use your axe or pocket saw for this purpose. If bark on logs is wet, strip it off so that it may catch fire easily.
  • Set up kindling and tinder for starting up fire. You must have a waterproof match box for starting fire. Fire the tinder with your waterproof matches and then add kindling when campfire starts to build. When starting fire, protect initial small flame from rain.
  • When campfire gets larger, start adding logs and bigger branches you cut earlier. Add more kindling so that fire burns hot enough to catch logs and branches on fire.


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