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Camping Near Bears: Tips & Hints

You need to be very cautious when camping in locations where bears can be found. You should get prepared for an encounter with bear while camping in bear territories. Black bears and polar bears are not so aggressive unless they are cornered or looking for food. If you have to camp in such a location, you should look for a safer campsite. Here are some tips on camping near bears:

  • Select a site which is free of bear activities and attacks. Before setting your camp, check the presence of bears by looking for crushed branches and portions of brush. Other signs of bears’ presence may include bear tracks and garbled garbage.
  • Set up your camp in area where there are plenty of climbing trees. Make sure that you can climb 10 feet high from the ground in case you encounter with a bear. Trees offer a quick safety net if a large bear approaches you. Although bears and especially cubs can climb trees, they will not do so unless food or some aggressive behavior has been displayed.
  • All food items and fragrant objects should be placed at least 20 feet away from tent area. Make sure to apply bear repellent on hands all the time. Keep sleepers in minimal amount in your tent at night so that there is enough space between them and outside of tent. Bears may attack tents if they see or feel any movement.
  • Bears catch smell immediately and are attracted towards it so cook away food away from your campsite. Find another location to cook and eat food. Meat should be strictly avoided in camps near bears. After having meals, conceal bones and useless foods in ground. Dig the hole using a shovel and bury items. Bears can also feel smell in closed metal garbage cans also so wash dirty pans and utensils with soap and water.
  • Hang left over food high enough on trees so that bear cannot reach it. For this, you can attach a rope to a tall branch of tree. To create a pulley, wrap around the branch twice. Attach one end of rope to truck of tree to secure it and attach other end with bear proof container.
  • Items that have come in contact with blood and other animals should not be left open. Place them inside ziplock bags.


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