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Tips to Waterproof Camping Gear

It is important to learn how to waterproof your camping gear as waterproof gear will help you camping in rainy weather. Camping equipment can be waterproofed with waterproofing agent. This agent needs time to cure before you use your gear. Here are some tips to waterproof your camping gear:

  • Try to buy camping gear that is already waterproofed by the manufacturer. Especially clothing and tent should be made waterproof by professionals. Such equipment makes it easy for you to support protection.
  • If you have to waterproof your camping gear yourself, start by sealing seams of camping tent. To do this, fill a plastic syringe with sealer and cover floor and rain fly seams of tent. To waterproof clothing, apply a thin droplet of seam sealer to raincoats which you will wear in heavy rains.
  • Now you need to patch any holes in your camping gear. Use adhesive patches of waterproof fabric to patch holes in tents, dry bags and other rain gear. In order to secure edges of patches, apply liquid cement. This process will ensure you that your gear has been waterproofed for your next expedition.
  • Spray waterproof conditioner on shoes, rain fly cloth, raincoats, sheets and pants. To waterproof your clothing, hang fabric on clothesline and apply waterproof conditioner using a spray bottle. Allow it to stay in sun until it dries.
  • Use roll-top waterproof bags to store other camping gear. These bags are especially designed with zero penetration so they keep camping gear dry. These bags prove useful to store normal clothing and other items that cannot be waterproofed otherwise.


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