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Camping with Dog: Tips & Tricks

Outdoors are best places to spend enjoyable time with your dog. Dogs also love new places, new sounds and new smells. Dogs also prove best companions on camping trips as they can smell and hear things before you do and therefore can protect and guide you. Here I am going to give you some tips which will make camping with dog a good experience:

  • Look for a dog-friendly campsite. Do a complete research and make sure that you select campsite where pets are allowed. Also check whether there are some restrictions or requirements like showing your dog’s rabies certificate.
  • Meet a vet before travelling and get your dog checked by a vet. Get all vaccinations and rabies tag for your dog.
  • To keep your dog happy during the trip, bring chew toys and doggie snacks. To make sure that dog does not bite your hiking shoes and other valuable gear, bring a bone. It is better to a complete doggie bag with you that contains his favorite things like sleeping pad, blanket, snacks and toys.
  • Bring a whistle or leash which you can use to keep your dog under control. Also take care of that your dog should have basic etiquettes like not jumping on people, not barking at strangers and coming when called.
  • Bring lots of plastic bags with you to pick up after them just as you do in your home. It is better to use ziplock bags. Dispose the bags properly by throwing them in appropriate trash cans.
  • You dog may get injured during camping trip. For this, you should bring a first aid kit for your dog. You should also know how to use that first aid kit.
  • There are lots of critters about at night and your dog may want to chase them. It is necessary to tie up your dog at night. It is not only important for your dog’s protection but also necessary for your safety as nothing can come near you without your dog knowing.
  • In hot weather, keep your dog hydrated. Dogs are sensitive to heat so make sure to water them often.
  • A dog should always have his id tag on his collar. It is easy to find him in case he gets lost while chasing a rabbit.
  • Don’t leave the dog alone and unattended in the tent.


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