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Selecting a Camping Stove

Selection of a camping stove depends on what type of camping trips you will take. Camping stoves have different types. These types vary in size and type of fuel they use. Camping stoves are designed to meet three main purposes: family camping, backpack camping and mountain camping. Here is a brief description that will help you picking a camping stove.

Family Camping Stove

Family camping stoves are larger than other types of camping stoves and therefore their canister is also larger than canisters used in other camping stoves. These stoves are very beneficial as they are designed in a way that even inexperienced campers can use them safely. These stoves are useful and a standard family meal can be easily cooked on these.

Backpack Camping Stoves

Backpack camping stones are designed in a way that they can be easily carried in backpack. Mostly fishermen, hikers, cyclists use these types of stoves. Backpack camping stoves are lighter and smaller than family camping stoves.  These stoves are intended for cooking basic meals. Backpack camping stoves can use liquid or solid fuel and gas as well.

Mountain Camping Stove

As the name shows, these stoves are designed for mountain climbers so they are smaller and less in weight. These stoves are designed with a purpose that they can even work in low atmospheric pressure and cold conditions. Liquid fuel is used in these stoves because it works well in extreme conditions and cooks quickly. As compared to family camping stoves and backpack stoves, mountain camping stoves are complicated to use. But people still love these because they are light weight and occupy less space.

The above discussion, describes all types of camping stoves. If you need a convenient camping stove that is capable of cooking multiple foods, you should go for family camping stove. But if you have to carry a stove in backpack and you need basic meals, the best choice is backpack camping stove. You should go for a mountain camping stove only if you really need a light weight stove.



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