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Tips to Keep Bugs out of Tent

Are you afraid of bugs? If yes then finding bugs in your camping tent will turn your camping trip into a horror movie. You will never want to share your tent with bugs. Here are some tips to keep bugs out of your tent:

  • Set up your tent in your home first and inspect it thoroughly. See whether there are places in the tent which bugs can use to enter in. There may be holes in tent or some areas which do not zip. If there are some such areas, repair them. Also patch all the holes whether large or small. If there is a problematic zipper, lubricate it to release it.
  • While pitching your tent on campsite, avoid those places where there are chances of finding bugs such as under trees, around light poles and near stagnant water.
  • Smells attract bugs and animals and most of bugs love food particles. So do not eat or drink inside tent. When storing food inside tents, make sure to keep it in air tight containers so that smell of food may not attract bugs.
  • Camping lanterns should also be kept away from tent openings because light also attracts bugs. If you have to use a flashlight inside the tent, do not turn it on until you zip the door completely. You can use lights inside tents but even then your tent sides may become crowded with bugs.
  • Although bugs love light, they hate fire as well. Therefore if you want to keep bugs away from you, allow campfire burning all the time when you are camping. But make sure that campfire is constantly being watched by an adult. When going for swimming or hiking, never leave campfire burning at campsite.
  • Do not forget to take an insect repellent. Spray it inside and around your tent generously. If you do not like its smell, you can also hang onions and garlic in your tent as it is believed that these vegetables keep bugs away.


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