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Camping with a Baby: Tips and Hints

Camping with a baby sounds crazy but people do go on camping trips with babies. Camping with an infant is also a fun as you can share your love for outdoors with your family and especially the baby. Camping with a baby is bit more challenging but if you prepare for it ahead, it can be quite easy. Here are some tips in this regard:

  • Make preparations before time. A camping site is quite different and unknown for a baby so he may feel uncomfortable. To make your child accustomed to different environment, first camp in your backyard. In this way, he can adjust to being in tents for longer time.
  • While camping, make sure that you have made special and comfortable sleeping arrangements. If you are alone, you may sleep on rough ground but with a baby, you cannot do that. You should bring an air mattress with you on a camping trip. Also consider taking extra layers of padding with you.
  • During cold nights, wrap up your baby carefully. Make sure that your baby is warm enough. If it is too cold, consider using a sleep sack for baby. Place your baby in sleep sack and zip him up to neck so that he remains warm and do not get ill due to cold.
  • Take enough handkerchiefs with you as they are of great benefit. They can be used as sweat rags or to remove spills. During warm weather, you can wet these handkerchiefs to keep your baby feel cool.
  • If you are camping in hot weather, apply some sunscreen lotion on baby’s skin. Babies have delicate skin which burns easier than an adult’s skin so they need to be protected from sunrays. Make sure to use a sunscreen that is especially formulated for babies’ skin. Moreover, keep babies in shade whenever possible. Also cover your baby’s head with cap.
  • Bring a plenty of diapers with you. If you use washable diapers at home, you cannot use them on camps as it may become difficult. On camping trips, disposable diapers are proved to be the best. Take as many disposable diapers with you as possible even if you don’t use them at home.
  • Also plan for baby’s food needs. Breastfeeding is convenient and is beneficial as well. But if your baby is used to bottle feeding, then use powdered formula as it has small packing and has less weight. Use clean water to make milk. If your baby also likes to have solid food, bring plenty of snacks also.
  • Don’t forget to bring your child’s stroller even if he crawls and walks. A crawling or waling baby can swallow poisonous and inedible items if left unattended. So it will be better to carry him in a stroller to keep him protected.
  • Don’t forget to pack some favorite toys of your baby. Do not over pack but take some lightweight and familiar items that can make your baby entertained and calm if he cries.
  • Follow the same routine for at least baby which you follow in home. For example, if your baby eats something before going to bed, give him his favorite snacks even on a camping trip. A baby whose routine is disturbed may cause trouble by crying for no reason.


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