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Tips to Cool a Camping Tent

Camping in hot weather is a little bit difficult. During hot weather camping, you spend your day hiking, biking and walking under hot sun so when you come back to your tent, you need a cool place to relax. But camping tents also become so hot due to warm weather. In such case, you need to know some tips to cool your camping tents. Some useful tips are given below:

  • The best thing you can do to keep your tent cool is to pitch it under shade. It is not enough to find a place which is shady at the time of pitching tent. Try to find a place that remains shady in morning also so that you can sleep well. To make it possible, use a compass to locate east where sun will rise early in morning and find a place that offers shade from that direction.
  • You will also require keeping the tent in shady area in early afternoon so that it may not become hot. If you do not find such a space, move your tent during day to save it from sunlight during hottest part of day.
  • You should pitch your tent in line with wind. If your tent has windows or mesh for ventilation then it is set up the tent in a way that windows come in line with wind. This is an effective technique that will help enter gentle wind in your tent. For using this technique, you will require monitoring direction of wind so that you can change your direction according to that of wind.
  • If it is sunny outside, open windows of tent keeping rain fly off. If weather remains same throughout the day, leave windows open to keep tent cool and ventilated. The more you let the breeze getting in, cooler will be your tent.
  • If you want something more than natural wind, buy a fan. Such fans are available in markets that are specially designed for camping tents. Take such a fan with you and install it in your tent. These fans are battery operated or get powers from other portable sources of power. These fans increase air flow in tent and keep it cool in warm weather.
  • Another tip for hot weather camping is to use a sheet under your sleeping bag. While packing for your camping trip, pack a cool and soft sheet in your equipment. Use this sheet to line your sleeping bag. In night, if temperature remains high and you feel hot in sleeping bag, you can sleep on this sheet. Such sheets are widely available in markets.

These were some tips to keep camping tents cool in hot weather. Besides keeping tents cool, you also require keeping your body cool as well. For this, drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated.



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