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Tips to Insulate Tent for Winter Camping

It is better to have a 4-season tent for winter camping but if you don’t have such a tent then you will need to add insulation in your tent. Insulated tents will keep you warm and protect you from chilly cold winds on a winter camping trip. Here are some tips which you can use to insulate your tent and make it suitable for cold weather camping.

Use of Tarp under Tent

The first thing you can do to insulate your tent is to place a tarp under tent. Tarp will prevent moisture from seeping through floor. Moreover a tarp will also keep tent clean and dust-free. While packing a tarp for winter camping, make sure that it is of the same size as that of tent floor. Tarp should not stick out from tent because exposed sections of tarp will catch rain water and allow it to go in tent.

Covering Tent Floor with Blanket

Another thing which you can do is covering floor inside the tent with sheets of blankets. If blankets are not available, you can also use cardboard however blankets are the best. Use space blankets to insulate your tent as they are not heavy and fold up very small. Wool blankets, on the other hand, are also warm and cozy but they are heavy and difficult to pack.

Creating a Wind Break

You will also require protecting your tent from chilly winds to stay warm. This can be done by using a wind break. Use a simple tarp to make a wind break. Hang the tarp from a line tied between two trees. Try to set up your camp where you can find a natural wind break. It may be a cluster of trees, a hill or a large rock.

Using Pads under Sleeping Bag

You can further insulate the tent floor by using a rigid foam pad under your sleeping bag. Don’t use soft spongy foam pads as they will be compressed by your body weight and thus will not provide warmth.



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