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Camping Tips

Tips to Choose a Perfect Campsite

Choosing a perfect campsite is important to stay relaxed during your holiday. A wrong decision can spoil your trip by leading to insect bites and sleepless nights. Several things need to be considered when choosing a campsite. Some tips for choosing the best campsite are as follows:

  • Choose a campsite which receives sun during morning hours so that dew may dry out without using a heater in tent. Choosing such a campsite is really important if you are camping in an area where it rains quite often.
  • A campsite should also receive afternoon shade because direct sunlight from midday to sunset can cause sunstroke especially during summer season. Moreover, not having afternoon shade may also cause discomfort for campers.
  • Also take into account the slope of ground while choosing a campsite. It would be a bad experience to cling to side of mattress all night in order to prevent the body from rolling on floor. So find a most leveled spot to set up tent. Camping equipment like stoves also work best when they are in level position.
  • If your campsite is downhill, check for obstacles which can prevent water from rushing through campsite in case it rains.
  • On campsite, there should not be depressions in ground as they can cause water to accumulate and form a puddle when it rains heavily.
  • Camping involves being outdoors where animals, birds and plants receive preference over human beings. So while choosing a campsite, inspect the area for insects and birds’ nests. Do not use pesticides to protect yourself. Instead, check campsite for signs of termite and ants before setting up tent.
  • Campsite should also not have sharp objects and thorns. Especially if you are camping in wilderness, you must check site for sharp objects and thorns before pitching tent. Many woods have such trees whose thorns may even penetrate through your mattress causing restlessness.
  • Choose a campsite that is close to running water source as you will need water for drinking and cooking food as well.
  • Your campsite should be at a reasonable distance from ablution facility. It is convenient to have your tent near ablution facility especially during night. But ablution facilities are very noisy so do not pitch a tent too close to entrance of ablutions. Your campsite should be within comfortable walking distance from water sources and ablutions.

Choosing a good campsite will make your trip memorable and your whole family will enjoy the wonderful experience.



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