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Choosing the Right Camping Tent

A large variety of outdoor tents is available in market for your camping adventure. How to choose the best and right among them? Here I will help you by giving some tips on choosing a correct camping tent:

  • Firstly, you will decide on which time of year you will use the tent. Two types of camping tents are generally available which include 3-season and 4-season camping tents. 3-season camping tents are for summer, fall and spring. They can perform well in wind and rain. If you are a recreational camper and do most of camping between May and September, then choose a 3-season tent.  4-season tents are meant for harsh winter weather. They are actually made for prolonged exposure to extreme conditions like high winds, snowfall and cold temperatures. If you mostly camp out in winter, then choose a 4-season tent which can withstand harshest conditions.
  • Next, you can choose a tent depending on its weight and size. If you go on camping on a car, weight and size do not matter. Weight of tent matters only if you are backpacking.
  • You should never choose a tent if you are not able to get inside and move around in it easily. Moreover, a tent should be large enough to easily manage a mattress in it. If you need extra space, then you can choose a 3 person tent for two.
  • Also check to see if the tent you are choosing is waterproof or not. Your tent should be totally seamtaped in order to avoid leakage in rain.
  • Your camping tent should be easy to set up. A-frame and dome tents are easy to set up but cabin tent needs more efforts to set it up.
  • Camping tent should also have adequate ventilation. A good quality camping tent has openings on all sides. Most of camping tents also come with mesh screens. These screens allow ventilation even when you do not want bugs and debris to come in to your tent.
  • Also consider tent material while choosing one. Choose tents with polyester fabrics as they can withstand exposure to UV rays better than nylon tents. Poles are main parts of tents so choose fiberglass poles for long durability and aluminum poles for lightweight strength.
  • You can also make a choice on the basis of tent shape. A dome tent is better than A-frame and Walled tents because dome tents are more spacious and offer good stability. They are also easy to clean and dry.

After choosing and purchasing a tent, also learn how to take care of your tent properly because improper handling and care can damage a tent quickly.



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