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Hot Weather Camping: Tips and Tricks

Summer season is especially associated with camping because kids already have holidays and you can also take leave from your work. Moreover weather is sunny and pleasant, so all these factors go in favor of going to a camping trip. But camping in hot weather also brings lot of challenges. To face these challenges, here some tips are given:

  • Hot air in summer can irritate you and make you ill so it is recommended to take a battery powered fan with you. If you are going with family, then take fans for each tent. You can also remove your tent’s rain fly during night. This will not only allow night breeze to come in your tent but at the same time, you can enjoy splendid views of stars.
  • Set up your camp in a shady area like under trees. If you do not find any shaded area then you should hang a large cloth or tarp above tent. In this way, your tent will remain cooler.
  • You must also have proper clothing items with you when going on a summer camping trip. Take light-colored clothes with you made with breathable fabric. Also bring hats with you. Do not bring clothes with dark color or made with heavy fabric.
  • In hot weather, you can easily become victim of dehydration. To avoid dehydration, make sure you have water with you all the time. Also take ice and other beverages with you. Try to take ice blocks in coolers so that they remain frozen for longer period of time.
  • Take cool meals during a hot weather camping trip like green salads, grilled chicken, fruits, sandwiches and vegetables.
  • Do not forget to bring a good quality sunscreen.
  • Plan your activities according to weather conditions. For example, in morning, go for biking or hiking. Plan a swimming activity in afternoon or evening.

These were some really useful tips regarding hot weather camping trip. By following these tips, you can enjoy a being outdoors in hot weather.



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