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How can you build a Campfire?

A camping expedition remains incomplete without building campfire. Campfire provides warmth at cold camping sites as well as it creates a peaceful atmosphere. The aroma of smoke, dancing flames and taste of food cooked on campfire all create beautiful memories of a camping trip. Before setting out for a camping adventure, you need to know how to build campfire. Here I have explained a simple method of doing so:

  • Before building a campfire, clear that area of litter and trash. Also make sure that area chosen for building campfire has not trees with overhanging branches.
  • Now gather necessary material to build campfire. Three kinds of wood are there which you can use to build campfire. First one is tinder which consists of small twigs, dry leaves, dry grass and bark. Second type of burning material may be kindling. Kindling are small sticks which are about one inch in size. On third number comes the fuel which is larger wood which keeps fire burning.
  • Create a pile of tinder and include other flammable items in that pile as well such as paper scraps and dry plants matter. While creating a pile, make sure that you have left enough space for air to feed the fire.
  • Now keep your back to wind and ignite tinder with a match keeping the match protected by cup of your hands.
  • Keep adding tinder slowly and once you see that tinder has started to burn, add small pieces of kindling. Increase size of kindling by constructing a pyramid of dry and small sticks.
  • After having a good and strong fire, you can also add one piece of fuel at a time to make fire burning for longer time.

Precautionary Measures

  • Campfire should not be built near your tent or flammable items. It is recommended that distance between your tent and campfire should be at least 10 feet.
  • Flammable fluids should not be used to start fire.
  • Campfire should be built only as big as needed.
  • You must always have someone watching campfire. Never leave it unattended.
  • You should also be familiar with fire regulations of area where you are setting your camp.
  • Before leaving campsite, make sure you have completely extinguished fire. Method is quite simple. Firstly scatter ashes and then sprinkle water on fire and stir it with a stick. Make burnt logs wet and repeat these steps until you are sure that fire is extinguished.


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